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Miramar Cesars Palace

Miramar Cesars Palace, Djerba

The hotel is part of the Hotel Miramar Djerba Palace and offers stylish accommodation and excellent facilities. Bedrooms are located in eight different blocks set in the gardens with a walk through the gardens to the main block housing public areas.

Facilities at the Miramar Cesars Palace include bar, gift shop, gym, health & beauty, hairdresser, indoor pool (complex shared with Hotel Miramar Djerba Palace including Turkish bath), lounge, restaurant & swimming pool.

Submitted By Mr A R Lewney
Rating:Rated Maximum 5 Stars By Mr A R Lewney
Rooms:Rooms Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Service:Service Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Location:Location Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Value:Mr A R Lewney Awards Maximum 5 Stars For Value
"Hotel Is Great Value For Money"

This hotel is great value for money. Cheap taxis to Midoun or the island capital. The sea is warm and inviting and if you choose the quiet pool at the Ceasers Palace rather than the other pool where the activities take place, very peaceful.

Be sure not to be given a room around the spa and near the beach as the disco kicks off about ten, apart from Sunday. Away from the disco it is fine but if you are in need of real quiet just say not in the spa block please.

Ceasers Palace is worth the extra as the food and restaurant are superior. Food is good and enough English is spoken to make things easy especially at reception. In many ways this place is better than around Port el Kantoui and Sousse as there are less people and less poverty and maybe the atmosphere feels more friendly. Will go back.

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Submitted By Scott Tyldesley
Rating:Rated Maximum 5 Stars By Scott Tyldesley
Rooms:Rooms Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Service:Service Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Location:Location Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Value:Scott Tyldesley Awards Maximum 5 Stars For Value
"Entertainment All For The French"

Lovely hotel with a beautiful reception and bar area off to your left. Rooms are small but clean, all with air con, TV, fridge, with French doors onto balcony or terrace.

Food was out of this world, with a large selection for everyone! Just a tip though, if you have any thing from bbq at the rear of the restaurant just cut into it to check it's cooked all the way through, as I didn't one night and was very ill all through the night till early morning. We put it down to the bbq as it was the only thing I had extra on my plate which my wife did not have!

The restaurant was on a self service basis, with waiters about to get you drinks etc?

So that meant you go up to help yourself again and again! The hotel Djerba palace adjoins onto the Caesars, so thus you being able to use the facilities of each others. The staff were all very friendly and helpful at all times.

But as only the two of us went away and my three kids went away with my mother, it was a good job really. As I've said lovely hotel with loads of activities, but all for the French, kids clubs for the French, evening entertainment all for the French, poolside and pool games for the French. So unless you can speak French you are stuffed. But that would of spoiled it if we had took the kids. But it's only the tour op's first summer season there, so give it time and let more British find out about the place, then it'll take my kids there.

Me and the wife made the most of one being without the kids and two just doing as we pleased. The local town is called Midoun and a nice place, it only cost you 2 dinar or less which is about 75p - £1.00. The taxis are so cheap over there, one taxi driver even offered for a 5 -6 hours day trip all round the island going to all places of interest and his hidden secrets for the two of us for just 40 Dinar. That's about £37.00 bargain or what? Our tour rep offered us trips and also a good welcome meeting which is worth going to, to find all about Djerba. The trip we took was to Matmata and Deuz, which was fantastic on coach and across on to the main land by ferry. Then down through so lovely countryside and onwards to Deuz. From there upwards through the mountains to Matmata and down to the Sahara where we got on camels wearing all the traditional gear, and then off into the Sahara. Words cannot explain the experience. Its a must do if your so close from Djerba. It cost 150 dinar. About £70.00 for the two of us and well worth every penny.

Then onto the coach for 5 mins to a 4 star hotel for dinner, all inc with the cost of the trip. After dinner back on the coach, and off to visit where they filmed star wars. Yes star wars! It was great all the little houses built under the service of the sands. Make sure you have got your camera for loads of great pictures. Then onto the coach back home to Djerba island. Day trip lasting 13 hours. Long day but worth every minute.

Oh 1 Dinar up the road from your hotel is the crocodile park, with 400 crocs and two museums. Great day out costing 24 Dinars for two adults. About £10.00

Hope this helps you have a great holiday as we did, on the lovely island of Djerba.

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Submitted By Mrs P Rushen
Rating:Rated 3 Stars By Mrs P Rushen
Rooms:Rooms Rated 3 Stars
Service:Service Rated 3 Stars
Location:Location Rated 3 Stars
Value:Rated 3 Stars For Value
"This Was Not Our Most Successful Holiday"

We booked this holiday on the Tuesday and left the following Saturday from Gatwick. The hotel was allocation on arrival but we were guaranteed 5 star.

Cesar's Palace Hotel in Djerba is NOT a five star compared to 5 star hotels in Europe and the Panorama brochure was a little misleading.

Mini bar in room - rusty fridge (empty - not good when you arrive at 1.00am and the water not drinkable)no tea making facilities in room. Satellite TV in every room - not showing English Channels though, although we did manage to get them to tune in BBC World which is a very strange station indeed, not aimed at the English. Room slightly shabby and with broken bits and grubby grouting, although cleaned every day with fresh towels and bedlinen (smelling of chlorine).

Everything in this resort is geared for the French, all entertainment is in French and although there was a widescreen TV in the bar of this hotel (the only entertainment in this part of the complex apart from a disco in nearby building) they only ever showed European football or Eurosport.

There is some building work going on (they are making a promenade along the beach and installing pipes) and the shopping experience was a nightmare (constant hassling and you were never allowed to just browse).

The only alcohol available was from the hotel bars and this was in small measures and about the same price you would pay in Britain, and with very limited choice. You cannot buy alcohol from any shops on Djerba (it is a Muslim country after all) so if you like a drink on your balcony or terrace you have to take it into the country with you (buy it at your departure airport).

This was not our most successful holiday and although it's great if you want to get away from lager louts and all things British, be prepared that the standard is not the same as European resorts.

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Miramar Cesars Palace

Address : B.P.376, Zone Touristique Midoun 4116, Djerba, Tunisia

Overall Rating : 87% From 3 Reviews

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