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Cettia Hotel & Resort

Grand Cettia Hotel & Resort, Marmaris

The Cettia Hotel & Apartments provide an ideal base for your next holiday in Turkey. The 4 star hotel offers good quality accommodation and excellent food from the Le Select Restaurant. The quite location of the Hotel & the Apartment block means you can relax on your holiday without the noise of the main resort keeping you awake. A courtesy bus runs between the Hotel and the beach daily.

The hotel also has internet access, massage, Turkish Bath, Gym, shop, jewellers, sauna plus the many other daily activities. 24 Hour reception, with English speaking staff and a hotel doctor.

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Rating:Only Rated 1 Star By Reviewer
Rooms:Rooms Rated 2 Stars
Service:Service Only Rated 1 Star
Location:Location Rated 3 Stars
Value:Rated 2 Stars For Value
"Never Again At The Cettia"

We were in Grand Cettia Hotel one week - never again.

Check in take ages -10 people 90 minutes. Room was dirty and dusty. First two days they didn't change even towels so we had to ask to clean our room.

Food was good but service terrible they don't care about anything. I wasn't in a 4 star hotel it was 2 or 3 but not 4 star. Hotel is beautiful but staff in all department need a proper training with hospitality. Till now I can't understand how it is possible in a 4 star all inclusive hotel to pay additional for a room safe?

I can't recommended this hotel because is too expensive for the standard.

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Submitted By Happy Holidays
Rating:Rated Maximum 5 Stars By Happy Holidays
Rooms:Rooms Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Service:Service Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Location:Location Rated 4 Stars
Value:Rated 4 Stars For Value
"Great Holiday And I Would Recommend!!"

When we arrived in Turkey the weather was about 42 degrees! Lovely apartment in Cettia and we were half board!

The weather was great and lovely apartments but the food wasn't as great. It was edible but we ended up eating out most of the time.

The staff were very nice and the apartment was kept clean. The apartments were a good walk away from the centre and beach but the Dolmus buses stop right outside the apartments!

I had noticed Maramaris had got slightly more expensive this year, so just remember to haggle!!! All in all it was a great holiday and I would recommend!!

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Submitted By Mr C M Kelly
Rating:Rated 3 Stars By Mr C M Kelly
Rooms:Rooms Rated 3 Stars
Service:Service Rated 3 Stars
Location:Location Rated 3 Stars
Value:Rated 2 Stars For Value
"All Inclusive A Rip Off"

First impressions of the hotel, were quite impressive. Reception staff were very friendly. The hotel was very clean.

Once arrived in room we found it to be a little basic considering it was a 4 star hotel . We were unable to keep the fridge and air conditioning working all day because when you removed your key card the electricity went off so your room was hot and the fridge was warm. We arrived at this hotel around 7am and there was not a sun bed to be had we found out later on in the week that you had to be up around 5am to get one . We did complain about the beds to our rep and to the staff but nothing was done about it. Too many people in this hotel not enough sunbeds.

Activities on most of the day, although they do take most of the pool up so you can't have a nice swim. Food very good but I think they could have made something different for the kids pizza chips burger fish fingers every night and no ice cream. The entertainment at this hotel was very basic and only lasted about an hour and that included the kids disco. We had to go out of the hotel for good beer and entertainment the lads down at the Ares bar made you feel very welcome so a good night was had by all.

We had a Turkish bath in the hotel and we would recommend it. Really relaxing. All inclusive drinks were very limited and only until 11pm then you had to pay beer was very flat and watered down and you had to get water from a machine which was very warm I ended up buying it from the supermarket every day.

Marmaris itself was great plenty nightlife if wanted it, lots and lots of shop bars and restaurants. The market is ok but we found shops just as cheap. Went on the boat trip very nice day out but ice cream and crisp are a little bit more expensive so beware. Talk of the town night out what can I say brilliant good food good drink and 3 great men in drag lots of fun for all the family. I enjoyed my two weeks in Turkey but next time self catering for me, all inclusive a rip off.

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Submitted By Mandy, Martin, Sam, Dan, Jamie and Sean
Rating:Rated Maximum 5 Stars By Mandy, Martin, Sam, Dan, Jamie and Sean
Rooms:Rooms Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Service:Service Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Location:Location Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Value:Mandy, Martin, Sam, Dan, Jamie and Sean Awards Maximum 5 Stars For Value
"Entertainment Staff Were Really Helpful"

Don't really know where to start only that it was one of the best holidays we have ever been on. I was a little worried about going to Turkey cause id heard a few stories about the food being a bit dodgy and the people being rather pushy, but were we stayed at the Club Cettia Apartments and what I'd been told couldn't be further from the truth, the food was gorgeous and the staff were fantastic from the cleaners to the entertainment staff you couldn't fault a thing.

We spent the majority of our two week stay around the apartments during the day and night as it was so enjoyable. The entertainment in the day consisted of water polo, horse racing, and killer pool and not to forget the daily quiz which was great fun. The evening entertainment was just as good there was a different act on every night, money bingo which we won a few times... We also went to the Turkish night in the first week and enjoyed it so much that we we went again on the second week, the evening was superb.

The bar staff and entertainment staff were really helpful and friendly so much so that we feel we have made some good friends, especially in Emin, Hudo, Ash, Hamid, TinTin, Eddie, Tom, Rose, Chicken Killer, Jamie and all the rest including the lovely young man who cleaned the pool area I went down every morning to put my towels out and he would come from nowhere to pull my beds out for me.

What amazing people they work such long hours in extreme heat and always have a smile for you. They make you feel really welcome, so much so that we can't wait to return next year. We would like to say thank you to all of you and see you soon.

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Submitted By Mrs G Crawley
Rating:Rated 4 Stars By Mrs G Crawley
Rooms:Rooms Rated 4 Stars
Service:Service Rated 4 Stars
Location:Location Rated 4 Stars
Value:Rated 4 Stars For Value
"We Had A Great Time"

We have just returned from our holiday in the Cettia Grand Hotel, Marmaris. We had a great time. The hotel was excellent, some reviews will tell you different. Food was really good, different themes each night eg. Chinese, Indian, Mexican, international, Mediterranean etc.

Rooms were great, looked just like the photos. Very clean and air-conditioned. The pool was clean and always being tidied. We went all inclusive and even the snacks during the day were excellent, fresh made pizza and burgers etc. Great cake and coffee in the afternoon.

The waiters were really helpful and friendly and this was not based on the amount of tips they were given. They just seemed a very helpful bunch of fellas. The hotel was run very efficiently and we would recommend this hotel and would return any time.

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Submitted By Mr B J Teague
Rating:Rated 2 Stars By Mr B J Teague
Rooms:Rooms Rated 2 Stars
Service:Service Rated 2 Stars
Location:Location Rated 2 Stars
Value:Rated 2 Stars For Value
"I Would Give The Cettia Hotel A 3 Star"

I see from the latest 2008 catalogue and 2007 cat that it shows an al-a-carte Fish restaurant in the Light house, As I have just spent Two disappointing weeks at the Cettia Hotel as an All inclusive guest, and I fail to see how a burger bar/pizza bar can be called a fish restaurant. The only fish I saw was a neon sign showing a fish. In the whole 2 weeks I was there I never saw a fish cooked there, or any seafood.

The hotels web page states a mini bar in the room; there is a fridge (empty) Not even a soft drink or bottled water, A room safe was there but had to be paid for, and Ice cream for children Had to be paid for. As to local drinks the only wine I saw came from an enormous barrel behind on of the bars.

This is just one of many issues I would like to raise On the plus side the rooms were very well kept by an efficient maid service, who were always pleased to help I will also praise without exception the senior staff of the hotel, Mr EGIN who tried to do his job under appalling conditions and the young staff he had to supervise.

That's where the praise stops. I'm afraid.

I have had to list these complaints myself as The JMC representative NICK Was unable to give me a complaint form as he said these have to booked out from head office at least 3 days in advance.

How can you complain before the holiday is finished?

On our arrival in Turkey we were put on a small coach that was so small most of the cases were inside on the seats and when we arrived in Marmaris the driver and even the JMC rep did not know where the different hotels were and we spent the next 45 mins shouting out there it is or you have just past it.

At the Cettia Hotel, the dinning room was just like an army barracks, tables laid end to end in the most part. No waiter's only Young boys, most straight from school clearing tables. As this is a so-called 4star hotel you would expect some to show you to a table on arrival and even bring a drink or even a bottle of wine.

The dining arrangements were something to believe, there was just one sitting for dinner.

Standard of food was below par. How could I ask my children to eat food I would not eat my self, We found a little restaurant outside the hotel where we ate dinner ad breakfast quite a few times, as we could not face the hotel food; we even met some of the hotel staff eating there. The main courses were cooked alfresco, and a queue formed at 7-25pm you had to get a table outside by 6-45pm or you ate inside with the regimented tables, and missed out on the evening entertainment, outside.

As all the tables were gone. Once you had queued and got your main dish outside you had to join other queues inside the dining room, to obtain your side dishes, so by the time you sat down. With your meal inside or out it was cold. One time my two sons had to share a soup bowl as no clean ones were available, when this was pointed out the staff just shrugged their shoulders and walked away. And left several other guest just standing by the soup tureen. Oh I forgot you had to queue for a drink with your meal as once again no waiters only, as we say in the UK pot men. In this case boys just clearing tables. And your drink was mostly served in a plastic mug And if you asked for a glass you were scorned. You never saw a drink poured out, It was all done under the counter, it was only beer from the tap you saw poured and this went into a plastic cup, only one barman the whole 2 weeks I was there with young boys playing behind the bar. Not one person was ever seen wiping or cleaning behind the bar.

The pool bar was even worse, shelves had been ripped from the walls It had not seen a coat of paint in quite a few years, And the floor was covered in beer kegs and gas canisters You never saw a drink poured, again always under the counter and the same barman all the time, hygiene was not a word he had heard of. He also had to run the ICE cream freezer (that you had to wait and pay for All inclusive holiday) I don't think so he even asked for a tip each time you got an ice And twice when I was there waiting with my children a door that led to a kitchen area was flung open and so called staff fell out fighting and had to be restrained by other members of staff.

The pool area looks very nice on arrival and in the brochure, but in reality it is very different. There are not enough sun beds for all the guests, many were broken and just dumped at the rear of the pool area by the shops. Two of the Glass wind panels around the pool were dangerously cracked.

My family and I had a ground floor family room that over looked the grass area by the pool, very nice you would think but as there was a shortage of sun beds. People were getting up at 6-30am and staking their claim- with towels and blow up toys, moving sun beds and umbrellas around the pool area. The main pool and the children's pool were closed twice for hygiene reasons and I had to report to the main desk on one occasion of condoms on the grass area around the pool, whilst on my way to breakfast.

In conclusion whilst on the surface this could could be a and I think was a good 4 star hotel ,as it now all inclusive it just cannot do it with the facilities and immature staff it has, I was told that all the so called waiters POTMEN are straight from school and learning their skills, but they are left in the main to run riot and cheek the guests. With no mentors to point the way.

I would give the Cettia hotel a 3 star with a recommendation to pull is socks up and get a stronger management team in.

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Submitted By Mr P Taylor
Rating:Rated 4 Stars By Mr P Taylor
Rooms:Rooms Rated 4 Stars
Service:Service Rated 4 Stars
Location:Location Rated 4 Stars
Value:Rated 4 Stars For Value
"We Were Pleasantly Surprised By The Cettia"

This was our first trip to Marmaris or even Turkey itself, so we didn't know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised by the Cettia. We were on the All Inclusive board arrangement, so we were located in the hotel. If you want self catering, then you are put in the apartments across the road, which are also good.

We chose to have a completely relaxing holiday without taking any trips from the area, so we missed breakfast each day and stayed in bed until after 10AM most days, because launch was available from 12.30.

With the All Inclusive option you get a good range of drinks served from 10.00 until 23.00, meals are at the following times. Buffet Breakfast from 07.30 to 10.00. Lunch from 12.30 to 14.00. Afternoon Snacks from 14.00 to 1600. Coffee & Cakes are served from 16.00 to 18.00. Dinner is served from 19.30 to 21.30 and finally on the food front you get Midnight Soup from 00.00 to 00.30.

The food at lunch and dinner was excellent, we never tried the breakfasts. The only downside to the catering was the dining room itself. We usually arrived for dinner at 20.30, but all the tables had already been used, so you had to find the cleanest table and then locate the knives and forks yourself. Because this hotel is geared up to family's, you get lots of children running through the dining room. So if you want your evening meal with your partner and a bottle of wine in the evenings, then this is NOT the place for you. you would be better going self catering across the road at the Cettia Apartments for a quieter atmosphere. We usually went over the road in the evenings for a quite drink before going back to the hotel for the meal.

The staff are very friendly, and were very receptive to a "tip", as it's all inclusive it's harder to leave a tip, but if you do manage to reward a member of staff after a couple of days, you will see the level of service become almost personal! 20YTL in the right hand, and you will never be waiting for a drink again! The service was still good before we tipped anyone, but it moved onto another level, once the "palm had been crossed".

If you have got young kids, then this is a great hotel to have your holiday, with plenty of entertainment throughout the day from the "animation team" who work really hard. The hotel has people from all over Europe, but mainly holidaymakers from the Netherlands and Britain.

If you have never been to Turkey before then this is a great way to explore the country, with good accommodation.

The Thomas Cook welcome meeting was held across the road at the Apartments in the Ege Bar, but don't make the same mistake as us, and arrive without any cash, as your "All Inclusive" wristband is not valid in the apartments and we had to go back to the hotel to get some cash! To be honest, unless your thinking of going on excursions, then the welcome meeting is a complete waste of time. Just go across and collect the printed resort guide, health advice sheet and leave.

One note of warning in the resort, when you ask the price of something, make sure they are saying Lira and not Euro as they tended to give out the price in Euros (they must think we all come from Holland), so they will say, for example, something is 20, but when you give them a 20 YTL note, they then inform you that they were talking about Euros and the actual price is 30 YTL! A bit crafty! (This doesn't happen in the hotel, it's just a general warning in Marmaris). You will also find that some shops will give you change in Euros or Pounds Sterling! It's a bit weird, but I guess they like money that is not constantly being eroded by inflation as their own currency is. It is advisable to only change your money every couple of days, because of the constant devaluing of the New Turkish Lira (YTL).

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Grand Cettia Hotel & Resort

Address : Address: Sehit Ahmet Benier Cd. No: 97 48700, Marmaris, Turkey

Telephone : +90 252 417 40 00

Fax : +90 252 417 40 07

Official Rating : 4 Star

Number Of Guestrooms : 244

Overall Rating : 69% From 7 Reviews

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