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Imba Apartments

Imba Apartments, Bitez

The Imba Apartments are a family run business in the resort of Bitez.

Facilities include reception, money exchange facilities, on site supermarket. Air conditioning and safety deposit boxos are available for an additional charge.

Rooms are cleaned daily.

Submitted By Mrs C Aitken
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"You Will Have An Absolutely Brilliant Time"

Just got back on Thursday (30/08/07) after 2 brilliant weeks. If you have booked to go, you will have a brilliant time. Where to start....Here goes.

The apartments, I think, have a great location cos you are about 5 minutes away from all the biz, which is brilliant cos you get a great nights sleep. Head right when you go out of the apartments and you come to the beach road. In our 2 weeks, there was 2 English families and an Irish, and us the Scot's. The rest of the guests were Danish or Dutch. They all speak excellent English and were very friendly, with all the kids playing together in the pool. Also there was some Turkish guests, which I took to be a good sign about the complex in general.

Mehmet and his wife, own the apartments and work the reception and the supermarket on site. You can hire the air con, and the safety boxes from reception. We hired the air con for 2 weeks but didn't use it much in the 2nd week. You can also change English notes, to Lira on site which saves any hassle finding banks, bureau de change etc. The rate there is the same as everywhere else, currently 2.50 lira= £1. All the cleaning is done by one family who come in everyday, Yes that's right everyday. They empty the bins and mop the floors. Lost count how many times beds and towels were changed, so no problems on that score. In fact, on one of the days they had shaped the towels into love hearts and scatted fresh flowers. It was a really lovely touch and a very pleasant surprise.

Then you have Jack & Ozzy who are in the bar. These guys became great friends and we are sending over a Scottish flag for the bar. You'll see what I mean, when you get there. They are brilliant with the kids and organised a Turkish Night which was very good and a late night pool party, which was good fun. Jack gets the kids up to dance after the belly dancers have gone. Great laugh.

The complex has nice food and the prices are cheaper than downtown. Never once had a problem getting a sunbed, even after 10am. Try the big cushions next to the bar in the shade with a cold beer. The bar is open from 10am (great morning coffee watching the views) till the last person leaves, which was usually the Brits, but we were never really later than 1am(ish).

Bitez is great and is for families. No big groups of single sex parties. They are all in Gumbet, over the hill, which is a bit like Blackpool on speed. All £1 a pint signs and watch Big Brother here. Great if that's what your looking for, but it's not for me. Bitez is a bit "posher" Best places to eat were Sultan ( Please say hi to Iden from us,) also we liked the New Season and Vona's. We also had a great Chinese meal in the Pagodas, (turn right at Vona's).

The kids did parasailing and jet ski-ing. We also went for a boat cruise at night which was amazing. Most of the older kids, hung about the Temple Bar at night. Lots of Irish there.

If you have never been to Turkey before, I would recommend the Village tour to find out about, how they live and there culture etc. A good tip is to go for a Turkish bath really early in your holiday. Jack will write you a note, as his friend runs the bath in the Ambrosia Hotel. It really sets your skin up to take a good tan.

As you can tell, I could go on and on. Safe to say, you will have an absolutely brilliant time. The complex is great and we had no problems from start to finish.

Please tell Jack & Ozzy, Carole Emma & Heather send them there love, and our parcel should be with them shortly. Anything else you can think of, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm very jealous. In fact the kids lost count the number of times I said out loud " I love it here" and I think you will too.

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Imba Apartments

Address : Bitez Yalisi Halilim Sk, Bitez 48400, Turkey

Telephone : +90 252 363 9535

Official Rating : 3 Star

Number Of Guestrooms : 30

Overall Rating : 100% From 1 Review

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