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Royal Beach Hotel

Royal Beach Hotel, Sousse

Royal Beach Hotel offers simple, comfortable accommodation for a great holiday. the hotel is ideally located, so that you can experience all that Sousse has to offer.

Situated directly on the seafront with its own private beach just 500 yards from the centre of Sousse with shops, cafes and restaurants nearby, and just behind Casino Caraibe.

People with disabilities could find the Royal Beach Hotel a problem, as it only has limited wheelchair access!

Submitted By Janis
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"Don't Go There !!!!!"

The hotel on first sight seemed ok, but within a day we realised that our room was infested with cockroaches. We first thought that they were confined to the bathroom, so after a couple of days, we realised that if we left the bathroom light on they didn't seem to come out. We then discovered them everywhere, even on our bed! We killed around 40 of them during our week. My brother who was also staying at this hotel was on the opposite side of the building and his room was also alive with cockroaches. My brother is in the building industry and he advised that because the hotel was old with a central air conditioning system, the infestation was within the system which is why the whole hotel was alive with them.

As you can appreciate this did cause a lot of distress as we were really looking forward to the holiday and relaxation, but we couldn't relax at all because of the worry that the cockroaches would run over us.

As if this was not bad enough, the air conditioning unit did not work at all, and when we spoke to the manager he just shrugged his shoulders and said it was due to the hot weather they had experienced the week before! The food was really awful, and no choice. There is also a guy who sits by the indoor swimming pool selling boat trips. Don't go, it is such a waste of money. He shows photos of the free barbeque and tells you that there are free drinks. What a liar - the barbeque was 2 sardines, 1 inch cube of chicken and some diced tomato and cucumber. The drinks are actually one small plastic cup of coke! For the trip he charged us £30, and it cost us another £2.50 to get back to the hotel.

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Royal Beach Hotel

Address : Blvd 7 Novembre, Sousse, 4039, Tunisia

Telephone : +216 73 210 488

Official Rating : 3 Star

Number Of Guestrooms : 146

Free Video Available : View Video Online

Overall Rating : 0% From 1 Review

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