Package Holiday Reviews For The Club Oro Blanco Apartments
Club Oro Blanco Apartments

Club Oro Blanco Apartments

The Oro Blanco comprises of 2 complexes that share the same outdoor pool and reception area.

The Oro Blanco complexes are well located in the popular resort of Playa De Las Americas with shops, bars and restaurants all within easy reach, as well as the beach.

This holiday complex is ideal for families and fun loving couples who want to enjoy the liveliest resort on Tenerife.

Submitted By Mrs G Whytock
Rating:Only Rated 1 Star By Mrs G Whytock
Rooms:Rooms Not Rated
Service:Service Only Rated 1 Star
Location:Location Rated 3 Stars
Value:Rated 2 Stars For Value
"Keep The Noise Down - Please"

Hideous noise till 1-2am & later, disinterested staff & cockroaches!

My first time in Tenerife, absolutely beautiful island, I loved it ... but the accommodation was an absolute disgrace.

The apartment itself was basic but pleasant-looking, & fine as far as its facilities were concerned, but cockroaches??? NO NO NO, totally unacceptable. Thank goodness we mostly ate out & had no more than cornflakes & snacks in the apartment or we'd have been overrun with the things. If we as much dropped a potato crisp on the floor, they were out eating them! Also ignorant & inconsiderate adults playing loud music & shouting/singing on balconies (against hotel rules) ... but in particular children, unsupervised, running riot, screaming, shouting till the early hours of the morning

You get leaflets through your door telling you that as a result of customer complaints, noise must be kept to a minimum, particularly after midnight & that security will eject anyone breaking those rules. In reality, security & hotel staff shrug their shoulders & do nothing, they couldn't care less.

The bar (allegedly) 8am - midnight operates in it's own time zone, depending on how drunk the bar staff are, they close up whenever they feel like it & are completely unapologetic. I met several other guests who were equally unhappy, & this morning as I checked out, another person was complaining at reception about slamming doors, shouting & screaming in the early hours.

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Submitted By Mr Andy Thorpe
Rating:Rated Maximum 5 Stars By Mr Andy Thorpe
Rooms:Rooms Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Service:Service Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Location:Location Rated Maximum 5 Stars
Value:Mr Andy Thorpe Awards Maximum 5 Stars For Value
"Really Enjoyed My Stay There"

All I can say is I have just got back from the Oro Blanco and really enjoyed my stay there.

Staff were very friendly and the hotel on a whole was very clean and tidy. Bars were only 5 mins down the road but u could not hear any noise from them. The Chineese next door is a bit naff to be honest and there are plenty of better ones around than that the Royal Oak pub just up the road is a cracking place to get a drink before you hit the town and is defiantly worth going in for a pint. Andy, the owner is a good bloke, I would go back to the Oro Blanco again in the future if I get the chance.

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Submitted By Shildon
Rating:Rated 2 Stars By Shildon
Rooms:Rooms Rated 2 Stars
Service:Service Only Rated 1 Star
Location:Location Rated 3 Stars
Value:Rated 2 Stars For Value
"It Was A Death Trap"

Our holiday was a good one because we met some great people. But no thanks to the hotel which was absolutely terrible, it was a death trap, I injured myself stepping in a hole that should have had a cover on it next to the swimming pool, a women also fell down the same hole after I had told staff at the hotel.

Me and my wife didn't get any sleep because the beds were so uncomfortable and there was no air conditioning, on our 3rd night at the hotel we got together with some other families in the hotel bar, the bar shut at 12 midnight so us and 5 other families went back to a room for a chat and a drink we didn't want to wake anyone up so we didn't go on the balcony. Soon after the security man came and told us we were too load, soon after that the police came and started hitting people with their batons and demanded to the security man 'YOU DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING'. We all had children in there so it was very frightening for us and them. The police was also seen tapping there batons as they walked over to the room. And was heard by reception saying how they hate the British. After all this the rep would not help the other families that had their passports taken off them. The police was called by reception after only telling us to keep the noise down once, one man was punched in the face three times and his wife twice and two other men hit with batons several times all in front of children.

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Club Oro Blanco Apartments

Address : Arquitecto Gomez Cuesta 12, 38660 Playa De Las Americas, Tenerife

Telephone : +34 922 793 950

Fax : +34 922 752 884

Official Rating : 2 Keys

Number Of Guestrooms : 143

Free Video Available : View Video Online

Overall Rating : 53% From 3 Reviews

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