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Kissos Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus

The Kissos Hotel is located in Paphos, Cyprus and is a well established hotel with 144 guest rooms. Officially rated as 3 star, the Kissos hotel appeals particularly to families & couples seeking good value for their next holiday.

Centrally located in the heart of Paphos, the hotel is within perfect walking distance from the heart of Paphos where you will find plenty of Cafes, bars and restaurants around the harbour area.

The hotel offers its guests a cosy, traditional atmosphere in this family owned business. Many holidaymakers have returned for many years after their initial stay and becoming friends with the owners!

Kissos Hotel is a low-rise three star resort hotel with landscaped gardens, located next to the "Tombs of the Kings" and the Paphos Lighthouse.

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Kissos Hotel

Address : P.O. Box 60355, CY-8045 Paphos, Cyprus

Telephone : +357 2693 6111

Fax : +357 2694 5125

Email :

Official Rating : 3

Number Of Guestrooms : 144

Free Video Available : View Video Online

Overall Rating : 60% From 1 Review

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