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Santa Fe Bungalows

Santa Fe Bungalows, Playa Del Ingles

This is a fantastic location that makes the Santa Fe Bungalows a ideal resort for families, as well as for groups of friends.

The main features of the Santa Fe Bungalows are its gardens and its open spaces that do not make you feel cramped. Among other facilities, you will find 2 swimming pools for adults and 2 for children, a solarium with sun chairs, a pool bar and billiardsarea.

Santa Fe bungalows are mad up of 181 units that can accommodate up to three people in each. The bungalows have separate bedrooms, lounge with sofa bed, kitchen, bathroom and terrace.

Submitted By Mr D R S Smith
Rating:Rated 2 Stars By Mr D R S Smith
Rooms:Rooms Rated 2 Stars
Service:Service Rated 2 Stars
Location:Location Rated 2 Stars
Value:Rated 2 Stars For Value
"Get A Hotel Near The Beach"

When I arrived at Santa Fe in July 2004 it was midnight, so not the best time to arrive on holiday! We were given a small map of the complex which consists of roughly 180 bungalows, the thing is it was almost total darkness so it wasn't easy finding the bungalow!

We finally found it, so we got the key to unlock the door - no luck, but you didn't need a key for this bungalow, if you lifted the doors up slightly you could open them quite easy whether they were locked or not by shifting them both to the side! So we get in after a bit of a struggle and the first thing we see when turning the light on is a big cockroach crawling on the main mirror...lovely! There were plenty of his friends waiting outside as well!

The heat was unbearable, maybe because it was not aired in there for a while, but without at least 3 fans it is a nightmare!

The bungalows are pretty basic, the 2 pools are fine and the snack bar is pretty good. That's about it! The one thing that annoyed me was the touts, you cannot walk past one restaurant or one bar without one coming at you, 'hey sir you want to eat here very good food' very annoying indeed!

It's about 15 minutes to the beach but that seems forever with all those annoying touts going on and on and on at you...uggh!

My advice is get a hotel near the beach, it's worth the extra money!

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Santa Fe Bungalows

Address : Avenida de Gran Canaria, 23, Playa Del Ingles, 35100, Gran Canaria

Telephone : +34 928 762 208

Official Rating : 1 Key

Number Of Guestrooms : 181

Overall Rating : 40% From 1 Review

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