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Oasis Islantilla Apartments

Oasis Islantilla Apartments, Islantilla

The Oasis Islantilla Apartments are located on the beachfront with access through the hotel gardens.

Shops are fairly local and are situated only 500 yards from the hotel. Guestrooms offer the following:- bathroom, hairdryer, telephone, TV, kitchen, minibar, room safe, air conditioning, a seating area and either a balcony or terrace. Most rooms also offer a partial sea view.

The hotel is rated 4 star and offers 2 swimming pools, pool bar, bar, lounge, buffet restaurant, A La Carte restaurant. Entertainment consists of a kids animation team throughout the day & regular evening shows.

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"There Are No Bars In The Centre"


The Holiday companies like to bill this place as unspoilt and the "real Spain" where the Spanish take their holidays. With regard to the latter they are correct but they fail to mention a number of very important points.

The Spanish tend to take their holidays during August - mid Sept and often take a series of long weekend self-catering-type holidays. As a consequence the Resorts gear themselves to that pattern and Spanish entertainment patterns. The result is that the resort of Islantilla is like a morgue - especially mid-week. It consists of about 5 major hotels enclosed in their own grounds and the rest of the development is Spanish holiday apartment blocks. The only tourist "infrastructure" is a purpose built Commercial Centre with about 10 restaurants - all of them decidedly poor-mediocre and largely with the same menu, which is vastly over-priced by comparison to other holiday resorts. Be warned also, they do not do children's menus even though this bills itself as a family-friendly resort.

There are no bars in the Centre (although restaurants serve beer) but there are two Marquee-type structures just outside it on the main promenade which are bars but the toilet facilities are decidedly poor. The evening entertainment therefore consisted of walking up and down the promenade with a host of Spanish families stopping occasionally to look at the tacky goods being sold by hawkers who are constantly being moved on by the local Police lest anyone should dare to have some fun. There are also precious little shops to distract you from the tedium. There are a handful of boutiques and one or two souvenir shops in the Commercial Centre but absolutely nothing anywhere else.

There is little or no allowance made for non-Spanish. If you don't speak the language you will find it extremely difficult to make yourself understood - even in the hotels! Worse than that is the palpable sense of not being wanted there. I have been to Spain on many, many occasions and have found the Spanish people to be very kind and welcoming even though they have to endure the most troublesome lager-louts in certain resorts. But in Islantilla and in the Oasis in particular I was shocked at the level of rudeness and discourtesy. If you are not Spanish you do not register on their radar unless there is no-one else around and they can ignore you no further.

We went to the Oasis Islantilla with Direct Holidays on a two week self-catering basis. Our party consisted of a family of 6 people (F45;M 50;M 17;M16;M13;F8) staying in two studio apartments (we tried to get adjoining rooms but the Receptionist gave us rooms on floors 1 and 3 and made no attempt to accommodate us even though the adjoining room was unoccupied for a large part of our holiday). The hotel grounds, pool areas and reception area where very impressive. Unfortunately, the favourable impression ended there. The hotel provided no welcome pack or information pack whatsoever. The rooms consisted of a normal sized hotel room to which was added a pull-out bed-settee to make up the third bed. As a consequence the room was quite cramped for three people. The balcony was absolutely tiny and barely enough room to take two plastic chairs side-by-side. Worst of all was the self-catering equipment. This consists of a two-ringed counter-top electric hob. That's it! We waited a couple of hours and eventually a box of cutlery (3 of each - cup, plate, spoon, knife and fork - like military camp) was delivered along with a small frying pan and a small saucepan to one room but nothing to the other. There was no microwave, no kettle (electric or otherwise). After repeated requests to reception we eventually got cutlery and plates delivered to the other room but it took twelve days and repeated requests both by myself and the rep (more of which later) before we got a saucepan and frying pan delivered to the other room. Making a cup of tea or coffee involved heating a saucepan of water usually two or three times as it was too small to cope with six people.

We tried eating in the hotel but the food was poor quality and ridiculously over-priced for the quality. eg. lunchtime two small reheated frozen pizzas, three cokes at the pool-side bar = 27 Euro (approx £19); Buffet-style Breakfast 10 Euro a head (approx. £7). Evening entertainment in the hotel was no better. There was a nightly show at about 10.30pm with about half an hour of presentation of certificates and then 11 o'clock until 12 - usually the Spanish Animation team - interspersed with the occasional night featuring a magician/flamenco show - the usual sort of Spanish package fare. This was invariably delivered exclusively in Spanish with minimal attempt to engage non-Spanish residents - of which there were a fair few. People tended to sit "cinema-style" to watch the entertainment and what few chairs and tables were on the fringes which meant that if you did want to sit and watch and have a drink it was really only feasible at those tables with your view being blocked by the Spanish families who straggled in throughout the show and who couldn't get a seat. Although given the standard of entertainment it illustrates how little there is to do in Islantilla if people were prepared to stand around and watch this. The hotel also continued its policy of over pricing with drinks. A "pint" of beer (invariably three-quarters full) was 4.5 Euro (approx £3.20) a vodka 5.5 Euro (almost £4 without any mixer) a Coke was 2.6 Euro (approx £1.75).

During the day and evening the Animation team ran mini-clubs and a mini-disco and some sporting events eg. waterpolo and volleyball. But once again almost exclusively in Spanish and non-Spanish children and adults alike felt excluded. The much heralded water sports that are supposed to be a feature of the resort according to the brochures were notable by their scarcity. There was a sailing school on the beach but that was it.

Thankfully we hired a car and got ourselves out of the place for a week otherwise I think I'd have gone mad. If you do have the misfortune to have booked, a couple of pointers might help make it more endurable. The Chinese Restaurant in the Commercial Centre is very friendly, low cost and reasonable quality. If you go out the Promenade end of the hotel and go right about 600 yards there is a small El Jamon supermarket (same as the one in the Commercial Centre) beside it there are also two little Spanish bars - nothing in them but the drinks are a bit more reasonable than the hotel - besides these two and the two Marquees there is nothing else outside the hotel complexes -believe me. Of the hotel complexes the Comforthotel has somewhat better entertainment than the Oasis but it is relative and service is abysmal. There is also a little train which goes on the half hour (depending on Siesta) past the main hotels as far as the village of La Antilla (about 30 - 40 minutes walk away from the hotel). The village has a street on which there are a number of restaurants and one or two bars - a bit more what you would get in other Spanish resorts but very limited in scope and variety although after Islantilla it will be a welcome relief.

Finally, don't depend on the rep for any advice or assistance. Ours turned up on the Saturday following our Thursday arrival (there is a Portugese minibus from Faro Airport not your usual Coach with rep). He told us that the resort was very limited (we knew that by then) and that it would probably be a lot better in 5 years time when they built the infrastructure. He explained about the Spanish holiday pattern and that how the hotels were hoping to extend their season by attracting in the week - and two week-long package tourist as opposed to the long-weekend Spanish business from nearby Seville. He knew precious little about the resort and perfunctorily mentioned three excursions and in essence sympathised about the almost exclusively Spanish nature of the resort and its very limited facilities. Pity the brochures don't make it as plain!

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Oasis Islantilla Apartments

Address : Ctrta. La Antilla, km. 3, Islantilla, 21449, Costa De La Luz, Spain

Telephone : +34 959 486 422

Fax : +34 959 486 450

Official Rating : 4 Star

Number Of Guestrooms : 379

Free Video Available : View Video Online

Overall Rating : 20% From 1 Review

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