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Colina Mar Apartments

Colina Mar Apartments, Puerto Rico

The Colina Mar Apartments is built on a hillside overlooking the holiday resort of Puerto Rico. From this high vantage point, you get great views out to sea and across the bay.

Relax in the comfortable apartments that are equipped for the self catering holidaymaker, complete with kitchen area, toilet, shower, fridge, television, telephone & a balcony or terrace.

Colina Mar Apartments are the perfect holiday destination for family holidays on the popular self catering board arrangement.

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Colina Mar Apartments

Address : Cornisa, s/n, Puerto Rico 35138, Gran Canaria

Telephone : +34 928 560 712

Fax : +34 928 560 736

Official Rating : 2 Keys

Number Of Guestrooms : 184

Overall Rating : 80% From 1 Review

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