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Fiesta Hotel Tanit

Fiesta Hotel Tanit, Cala Gracio

The Hotel Tanit is located just 150 yards from the beach and just under a mile from the town of san Antonio. The nearest bars, shops & resturants are only 50 yards from the hotel.

Room facilities include a television, air conditioning, hairdryer, safety deposit boxes. The hotel has 390 rooms, 3 lifts & is officially rated as 3 stars.

The restaurant is provided on the buffet concept and offers some show cooking during the evenings. The Fiesta Hotel Tanit has been awarded the "Q" for Quality by the ICTE, your assurance of a quality hotel.

Submitted By Mrs A Barnard
Rating:Only Rated 1 Star By Mrs A Barnard
Rooms:Rooms Only Rated 1 Star
Service:Service Only Rated 1 Star
Location:Location Only Rated 1 Star
Value:Only Rated 1 Star For Value
"Absolutely No Space Between Sunbeds"

We got back this morning (25/08/07) from this hotel and we are glad to have left the total madness!


Excellent standard of cleanliness.Good standard of furnishings in bedrooms, with adequate room for family of 4, 2 children aged 12 and 10. Food kept at correct temperature, hot food was hot and cold food was cold.


During our 2 week stay the Tanit had over 1,100 guests every day, causing severe overcrowding in restaurants, entertainments room and the pool.

326 sunbeds around the pool in an area designed, in my opinion for half that amount, white garden chairs added to the pool area to accommodate even more guests. Absolutely no space between sunbeds, sunbeds pushed tight against each other to maximise space unless a white garden chair, parasol or small table was inserted between them. Often impossible to put your legs either side of the sunbed in order to get up. Access to the pool and to steps leading down to the gardens often blocked by sunbeds, very difficult to use pushchairs around the pool area and impossible for the wheel chair bound gentleman who was staying when we were there. The hotel has ramps for wheel chairs but during the day there is no pathway through to the ramp due to the sunbeds. Guests reserve "their" space at the pool side from 5.30am. Despite the Hotel's policy of non reservation of sunbeds, people mark out their territory with towels, plastic chairs and parasols and then replace these with the sun beds once they have been unchained at 9am. The hotel does nothing to discourage this behaviour.

The withdrawal of the use of facilities of the Fiesta Cala Graccio Hotel, which has additional pools within the grounds of the Hotel Tanit. Fiesta guests have the benefit of using all fiesta hotels in Ibiza and are not told prior to departure that this benefit has been withdrawn in respect of the hotel that shares it's grounds, however the guests at the Fiesta Cala Graccio have full use of the Tanit's facilities and exclusive use of the Hotel Tanit's disco.

A restaurant seating 525 guests with 2 hot drinks machines at breakfast and 2 toasters, guests often queuing for 10 mins for tea and then another 10 minutes for toast, by which time their children had eaten their breakfast and were bored waiting and became boisterous and noisy.

An entertainments room with 220 comfortable seats despite its official capacity to seat aprox 320, restricted views from pillars within the room. Seats were reserved from 7pm onwards for entertainment, the main element of which starts at 10pm.

No evening entertainment geared towards the older children (12+) and no facility for them to chill out anywhere, hence large groups of teenagers hanging out in reception, in hall ways, out side the front of the hotel and in the foyer. The least they need is a room with chairs, a free juke box and drinks machine.

This is a noisy, boisterous hotel, do not book this hotel if you are an average family looking for some good quality time with your children. We experienced clients at this Hotel who were willing to let their children run riot through the hotel, climb over furniture and deface it, some parents seemed not to care what their children were up to or where they were. People rarely dressed for dinner and many wore the same clothes they had been wearing around the pool. It seems the all inclusive facility at this hotel encourages the "got to get your moneys worth" attitude ,discouraging exploration of the island and it's culture. In my opinion some clients would be more suited to a budget holiday camp in England with a bar, a large screen TV for the footy and a solarium for the tan.

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Fiesta Hotel Tanit

Address : Crta. Cala Gracio s/n, 07820, San Antonio, Ibiza

Telephone : +34 971 341 300

Fax : +34 971 340 862

Official Rating : 3 Star

Number Of Guestrooms : 386

Free Video Available : View Video Online

Overall Rating : 20% From 1 Review

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