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Blau Colonial

Blau Colonial, Cayo Coco

The Blau Colonial offers holidays exclusively on the 'All Inclusive' concept. The hotel was built in 1993 and was partially refurbished is 2003.

The hotel is surrounded by a garden and a natural lagoon. located on the beach at Cayo Coco.

Facilities include a swimming pool, watersports, tennis, fitness centre, cycle hire, massage, hairdresser & a gift shops. Some facilities require an extra charge, payable locally.

Submitted By Mrs L Tyler
Rating:Only Rated 1 Star By Mrs L Tyler
Rooms:Rooms Only Rated 1 Star
Service:Service Only Rated 1 Star
Location:Location Only Rated 1 Star
Value:Only Rated 1 Star For Value
"The Bathroom Had Chipped Tiles"

My family and I have just returned from the Blau Colonial Hotel in Cayo Coco, Cuba.

The flights with Thomas Cook were very good, cheerful staff, flight on time, the food was actually good!! The soft drinks were all complimentary during the flight unless you wanted water which you had to pay for??!!

We arrived at Cayo Coco Airport and getting thro was slow but we have been to the Caribbean before so we expected this! When we got thro the airport the Thomas Cook Rep was waiting for us and directed us to our coach ... all swift and easy! A 15 minute trip on the air conditioned coach and we pulled up at our hotel!

Oh dear! the first impression wasn't good! The hotel reception was old and in a state of disrepair! Check in was swift and the porters took us straight to our rooms!

ROOMS ... awful! The smell was musty when we entered the room, the room was much smaller than the photos in the Thomas Cook Brochure! The beds were smaller than a double bed but bigger than a single bed! There was a fridge which contained a large bottle of water, can of beer and two small bottles of fizzy drinks. A television, hairdryer and coffee maker. The air conditioning wasn't that cold and during the day the room always felt too warm! The bathroom had chipped tiles ... the worst thing was the door which are cowboy saloon style, you can see someone sat on the loo or having a bath/shower! You need to know someone pretty well to share one of these rooms with them as there is no privacy! The room needed decorating and weren't inviting at all! During our two week stay we had four cockroaches, two crabs, one frog and a billion mosquitoes in our room!

SWIMMING POOL ... a real Health & Safety issue here! All around the pool the edges had paint peeling off revealing dirt underneath. The pieces of peeled off paint were floating about in the pool ... there was black sludge marks around the inside of the pool and the islands within the pool! Whilst we were on holiday a number of people suffered ear infections and throat problems and needed frequent trips to the doctor which charged 60 pesos a trip!! The pool design was dangerous and people were slipping/sliding everywhere! NOT GOOD!

BUFFET RESTAURANT ... terrible! The food was put out in metal trays at the beginning of each session and it was only lukewarm ... it sat there with no covers for hours with flies and bugs helping themselves! Even if you got there when the doors opened the food was only lukewarm! There was always someone frying up pieces of meat on the griddle which most people were having as it was the only thing which was actually cooked fresh and hot! There were salads available but no protection from flies and these would stand for 3 hours at each session! There was always peeled/sliced fruit available but again flies would be helping themselves! There was a selection of ice cream but the freezer was working right and the ice cream was sloppy! Fresh bread was always available and to be honest this is what we lived off together with bananas as these had to be peeled and at least the flies couldn't get to them! I was ill twice and I am sure it was because of the food, I think it was food poisoning ... I was only well when eating the bread and bananas from the buffet restaurant. One evening, I helped myself to a portion of the lukewarm rice dish ... sat down and there was a MAGGOT. My partner called for the Chef who reluctantly appeared only to say the rice dish had been bought in from another hotel ... he offered no apology whatsoever and didn't seem bothered in the slightest!! So many holidaymakers were ill with stomach pain, cramps, high temperatures, vomiting and the squirts!

EL YAREY (the Pool side restaurant) ... this was slightly better although the food was always served lukewarm! Pizza, beefburgers, chicken pieces, burritos, etc! The portions were small! If you ordered chips then you got about 12 skinny lukewarm chips! There was a small salad and fruit buffet but you opened watched the local birds helping themselves and also swarming with flies ... no refrigeration at all! Food poisoning a speciality!!

BEACH GRILL ... food was bought in already cooked and they warmed it to only lukewarm on the grill and served it with a portion of lukewarm rice. There was a selection of chicken legs, fish or beefburgers which were raw inside and served lukewarm!! Just awful and again, food poisoning a speciality!

CUBAN RESTAURANT ... you sat there and watched the local rats running over the rafters above you ... the food was served lukewarm. Again, food poisoning galore! NOT GOOD!

ITALIAN & SEAFOOD RESTAURANTS ... to be honest whilst we had sampled the Cuban Restaurant we decided not to try any of the others and also because other people who had tried them had said how awful they were! Lukewarm food!

BEACH ... absolutely beautiful! Clear warm water, white sand, sunbeds available although not much shelter from the sun!

HOTEL GROUNDS ... half of the hotel is derelict and falling down! The whole place is in need of repair!

ENTERTAINMENT TEAM ... if it wasn't for these people then we would have got a flight home early .... George, Jenny, Egor, Jamaica, Dee, etc were fantastic! Cuban people who became our friends! We got involved with pool activities and they couldn't have been any better ... 10 out of 10 to these guys they are a credit to the Blau Colonial and I cannot speak more highly of them! In the evening in the Salsa Cafe Disco the evening entertainers were also fab ... 4 guys and 4 girls who are the most fantastic salsa dancers you have ever seen! Every night they did a different form of salsa dancing and we couldn't take our eyes off them .. fantastic and again 10 out of 10 to them!

THE HOTEL STAFF ... all were lovely from the reception staff to bar staff to restaurant to housekeeping ... everyone was polite and lovely people! They earn such little amounts but always keep a smile on their faces! I've never been to a Country where the people are as nice!

TIPS ... we tipped all the time as the service was great and because we knew how little pay these people were getting!

MOSQUITOES ... AWFUL! out in force first thing in the morning and from about 4pm! We were eaten alive! My daughter had 40 bites on her legs alone during the first evening! We used insect repellent but it didn't seem to make much difference! The hotel did use a tractor to spray around the resort morning and evening with a white powder cloud but this didn't seem to make much difference.

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Blau Colonial

Address : Cayo Coco, Jardines del Rey, Ciego de Avila, Cuba

Telephone : +53 3330 1311

Fax : +53 3330 1384

Email :

Official Rating : 5 Star

Number Of Guestrooms : 458

Overall Rating : 20% From 1 Review

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